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Nearby attractions, beaches, shopping, and more

Close to the best of Viña del Mar

Lots of attractions, museums, beaches, shopping and more ... just a few steps from our hotel in Avenida San Martín. 
If you come to the Valparaíso Region, we will tell you the musts of Viña del Mar and the regional capital.

We want your stay in Atton San Martín to be unique and full of memories.

On the historic San Martín Avenue, our hotel is a starting point for a classic Garden city tour. This street is the weekends life center, there is no one who does not decide to take a walk, go through its traditional cafeterias, ice cream shops or restaurants. The mosts importants are here.

We want your stay in Atton San Martín to be unique and full of memories. Pier Vergara is another icon that you must visit if you come here. Located between the beaches Acampulco and The Sun, also on the famous Avenue San Martín, is today a tourist reference par excellence.

Caleta Portales, is the only monument to the fishermen in the country. It was inaugurated in 1983. Tourists can see different handicrafts and enjoy the typical gastronomy of the area.

For those who do not know Viña del Mar, is a place full of culture. Historical buildings are a great attraction for those who appreciate vintage architecture and the wide green spaces that surround them.

This different, but interesting tour around the architectural heritage of Viña del Mar starts in Ross Castle, which is a few steps away from the Flower Clock. This building was designed by the architect Cruz Montt in 1912 and was built in the Tudor style. 

Continuing with the tour, we find the Wulff Castle, a construction above the sea. It is a two-storey house that has the peculiarity of being connected to a tower through a bridge.

 In front of this building you can access to Cerro Castillo, where yo can find the famous Brunet Castle. In 1974 it became known as the "Palacio de Carabineros", for having been acquired by this Chilean security corps. It can only be observed from its exterior, as it is destined to be the residence of illustrious visitors or to make special social parties.

On Calle Álvarez, we arrived at "Nuestra Señora de los Dolores" parish and behind it we entered the Vergara Park, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts.

In Palacio Vergara you can see works done by renowned painters of the17th Century Italian and 16th Century Venetian Schools. Behind the emblematic construction you can access to the open-air amphitheater where the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar is held.

Returning to Sucre Square, we can find Club Viña del Mar. In front  Vergara Square where the Municipal Theater stands. 

And of course you cannot miss walking through the hills of Valparaíso. Lost  yourself in its picturesque streets and have lunch in one of their restaurants.