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In Atton, you won't leave a trace!

The development of cities and the increase in construction has had a clear environmental impact of which we cannot be outside. It is our policy  to contribute to an organic urbanization and preserve the ecosystem. Is where we live. We can´t neglect it.

We fulfill all national and international legislation and standards in labor matters, municipal, tax, health, safety (risk prevention) and everything that is related to the operation of our hotels, and it goes beyond a formality. We care that everything is done the right way. We want to contribute to the development and growth in a way friendly and transparent.

If you want to know how we think, you can review our sustainability policy. It is available for anyone who wants to see it. Endorsed by the respective certifications given by the Servicio Nacional de Turismo-SERNATUR. (Sello Q y Sello S).

¿What is Sello Q?
Tourist quality. Each guest who stays in Atton may know that will receive a secure, transparent and reliable service. We are able to respond and act in the face of any problem or accident and we are known for the ability to exceed the expectations of the service delivered.

¿What is Sello S?
Sustainable tourism. We comply with all the global criteria of sustainability in tourism. In what to culture, environment and economic operation concerns. It is a line that crosses our entire system.

We have a supply policy that gives priority to the use of renewable energies, the monitorization of water consumption, a waste management plan and the purchase of inputs to  local producers that are environmentally sustainable.

We take measures to minimize the noise and light contamination, also harmful compounds for the ozone layer, and other air, soil and water pollutants product of our operation.

In addition, we strongly promote recycling. We separate cartons, paper, plastic, batteries, oil and glass. Everything is stored according to its category. Anything that helps preserve the environment adds. And we want to contribute.

Our goal is to have a 100% LED lighting. Today, we have solar collectors and  sanitary hot water. In addition, we have a temperature regulator, automatic climate, ventilation and luminaire control of on and offs. If we want to be really sustainable, we must give the first big steps.

We constantly care  the community in which our hotels are located, through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, in areas as education, training, health, environmental sanitation and others.  We also spread the "Responsible Tourist  Conduct Code".

Because we care about the ones who are part of our company, from the administration or the hotel part, we are constantly training our people. We want them to grow in their work, and what is better than doing it from inside. Also ,we apply strategies to achieve a good working environment. Yes, it matters to arrive with a good mood to work and having an internal climate, is vital. In and out of our hotels, the harmony is something that characterizes us.

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