Great Brunch at Atton El Tesoro Medellín

Espectacular Brunch en Novotel Medellín El Tesoro (Ex Atton)

Great Brunch at Atton El Tesoro Medellín

Novotel Medellin El Tesoro (Ex Atton)

Novotel Medellin El Tesoro (Ex Atton)

New gastronomic concept in a dreamed corner of the Hotel

What is a Brunch?

Wether you are traveling for business or pleasure, on your own, as a couple or with your family, there are many times when the obligation to get up early “just so you do not miss breakfast” can be stressful. The idea of being in an Atton is the opposite: to feel comfortable, at peace, to have control over time and to have a wider timeframe in order to enjoy a good meal. Brunch is a meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch, usually served late in the morning or in the early afternoon, leaving you ready for the rest of the day, without hurries or stopwatches.

What includes?
In our Novotel Medellín El Tesoro (Ex Atton), we think of a Brunch that offers a good dose of energy without leaving aside the exquisite flavors that characterize our gastronomic offer. After all, you may decide to take an afternoon of meetings or a long walk without worrying about lunch. The Brunch considers eggs, pancakes, bread, fruits, proteins, vegetables, broth, stew or cream, cold appetizers, salads and desserts. What is even better: this meal is not only available and open for our guests but also for all those who want to join, whom we invite and receive as if they were from home.

What you should know:

Brunch is becoming more fashionable all over the world but it is not the same everywhere. You can try it and enjoy it between 11:00 and 15:00, without considering holidays. We also have high speed Wi-Fi and free parking (depending on availability), so that the experience is more complete and you do not miss anything.

How to get here?

The address is Cra. 25a #sur 45, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. There you will find our Periférico Bar, a modern space located on the 21st floor of the Hotel, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the entire city of Medellín. The bar also offers a variety of cocktails and light dishes, and is connected to the Hotel’s Shopping Center

Do you wannt to know about Novotel Medellín El Tesoro (Ex Atton), our new proposal?

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