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Atton El Bosque

Check-in and check-out time

Check-in from 3 PM
Check-out until 12 PM

If you have any special time request, please contact us at and we will check availability and related fees.  

Other additional services and policies

Guests per room: 

Please check the maximum number of guests allowed according to the room type. Two children under 12 years old may share the room with their parents with no additional cost. Additional adult/child or additional bed fee: USD 60 per night. 


Hotel courtesy. Please request your crib in advance to have it prepared before your arrival. Subject to availability.


Not allowed. Only assistance animals with a certificate.

Non-smokers: Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel, please check our smoking area. If you smoke in non-permitted areas, a specialized clean-up will be performed to remove odor, which will cost USD 150 and will be charged to your room.

Fees and additional service amounts shown do not include 19% tax.

Tax Exemption

Individuals residing outside Chile may be exempt from 19% tax. In order to get this exemption, please pay your stay in US dollars or with an international credit card, also show your passport and sealed immigration document upon check-in (not valid for company invoices)

Guarantee Policies

As a guarantee for your booking, the hotel will request a valid credit card upon booking. A «withholding» - not a payment - may be performed for the first night of stay, plus tax. This will only be effective if the person does not show up or cancels a booking outside the timeframe. This withholding is released when you arrive at the hotel.
Companies with a corporate agreement may make enquiries for other guarantees at the following e-mail

Important: please consider that banks may take up to 72 hours to release withholdings and until 5 days if you pay with a credit card different from that used as a guarantee. 

Cancellations and modifications

In order to cancel or change a booking at no cost, remember to do it before 3 PM on the day before your arrival, provided that you did not pay a «promotional, non-reimbursable» fee. Do it within that timeframe in order to avoid extra charges (amount for the first night plus taxes.) If you made your booking directly with an Atton executive, please contact our team at the following e-mail If you made your booking through our website you can change it by clicking in the reservation number that appears in the confirmation document we sent to your e-mail. If you made your booking through a third-party website, changes must be made through the same channel used for the booking.

Anticipated leave

If you need to leave the hotel before the scheduled date, just write us at at least 24 hours before the new check-out date. This way, you will not be charged for an extra night. Please do it through e-mail in order to have a supporting document of your request. 

No show

In case of no show (you have a reservation but fail to come to the hotel and do not cancel the booking), you will be charged the value of the first night of your stay plus taxes.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods: Credit card, debit card and cash, whether in local currency or US dollars.

Group policy

If you book 10 or more rooms, conditions and fees will be different from the conditions and fees advertised. Please e-mail to get a quote according to your needs.