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Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you will find our Bogotá hotel is situated in the heart of everything the city has to offer. Our location in the financial district offers guests easy access to the very best area businesses, dining, nightlife, cultural destinations and more.

Enjoy your stay at Atton Hoteles Bogotá 93, and make sure you take advantage of all of the wonderful Bogotá attractions.

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia. A point of convergence of people from all over the country, it is diverse and multicultural and it combines modern constructions with others that evoke its colonial past. Bogota is green thanks to its parks and the eastern hills that dominate the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe, but also has the brick color of numerous buildings also called colonial treasures.

Few cities have a landscape such as that enjoyed by Bogotaans when their gaze is lost in that kind of green sea that forms the Andes mountain range, in the mountains that rise on the east. In Bogotá, apart from enjoying green spaces outdoors, travelers find an ideal destination for doing business, which also offers them history, fun, gastronomy, culture and much more.

Bogotá is also the meeting point of Colombia, here all cultures of all regions have room. From the gastronomy of the coffee zone to the joy of the Caribbean region, passing through the artisan legacy of Boyacá and the feast of the Valle del Cauca are here. Bogotá is simply the union of all the best of Colombia, it is an infinite place to know.

What's Nearby

Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
F.D.S. Outlet Floresta Cra. 69 #101-33, Bogotá, Cundinamarca +57 1 2268478 2.66
Shopping 104 Cra. 15 #103-70, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 6110672 0.96
Centro 93 Alameda de los Descalzos, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 2570262 0.77
Centro 93
Centro Comercial Andino Ak. 11 #82-71, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 1 6213111 1.99
Centro Comercial Andino
El Retiro Centro Comercial Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 1 7455545 2.74
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Guadalupe Restaurant Calle 93 #12-41 Bogota, Colombia +57 1 5897 744 0
Guadalupe Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine.

Matiz Cl. 95 #11a-17, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 5202003 1.07

Mediterranean cuisin

Rafael Cl. 70 #4-63, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 2554138 3.1

Peruvian Cuisine!

La Brasserie 3 #85-35, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 320 8353168 2.72
La Brasserie

French Cuisine!

Amor Perfecto Cra. 4 #66-46, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 2486955 3.32
Amor Perfecto


Harry Sasson Cra. 9 #75-70, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 1 3477155 2.71
Harry Sasson

Mediterranean Cuisine

Andrés Carne de Res. Cl. 93b #13-55, Bogotá, Colombia +57 317 4412529 1.08
Andrés Carne de Res.
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Museo Botero Cl. 11 #4-21, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 1 3431316 10.67
Museo Botero
Museo del Oro Cra. 6 #1588, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia +57 1 3432222 13.78
Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo NO. 67-51, Ac. 170, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 3779840 6.04
Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo
Biblioteca Pública Virgilio Ak. 60 #57 – 60, Colombia +57 1 3793520 2.73
Biblioteca Pública Virgilio
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Cerro de Monserrate Cerro de Monserrate 8.01
Cerro de Monserrate
Laguna de Guatavita Lake Guatavita Sesquilé, Cundinamarca Colombia 39.28
Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis Ac 63 #6895, Bogotá, Colombia +57 1 4377060 4.34
Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis
Parque Natural Chicaque Parque Natural Chicaque, Soacha, Colombia +57 1 3683114 22.17
Parque Natural Chicaque
Atton Bogotá 93
Calle 93 #12-41, Distrito Capital de Bogotá, , COL
Phone: +57 1 5897 744