Birgitte Rahbaek's Democratisation in the Middle East: Dilemmas and PDF

By Birgitte Rahbaek

ISBN-10: 8779342302

ISBN-13: 9788779342309

The most objective of the ebook is to supply a discussion board for evaluations held via Arabs who're neither Western puppets nor fanatical nationalists or Islamists, yet really teachers with an enormous wisdom of the center East in addition to of the West. The authors all help the development of a democratic secular center East, yet their writings additionally convey that even if there isn't any effortless technique to accomplish that target, nor is there any excuse for no longer making the test.

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I do not take the view that what the West does in the Middle East, in relation to democracy or otherwise, is necessarily bad or driven by bad intention; however, there are evidently problems with Western governments and policies, as there are with Arab governments and policies. Most governments have contradictory objectives and policies, but this is of particular importance when discussing Western efforts to promote both the normative goals of democracy and other more material agendas – such as general trade, arms sales, or economic liberalisation – in the region.

State institutions were developed and unified, including the creation of a national army from the confessional militias established by the French. Democratic Syria became a founding member of the United Nations and of the Arab League, and quickly joined the Bretton Woods Institutions (1947)2. In Syria women had the right to vote before they did in France. E A S T Democracy meeting the challenges! A few years after full independence Syrian democracy was challenged in 1948 by the trauma of the “Nakba”,3 the creation of Israel with the backing of all superpowers.

This has produced hybrid formations significantly more robust than their pure “traditional” or “modern” types would likely be. Finally the exceptional access of the Middle Eastern state to unearned outside resources – that is, “rent” – whether Cold War patronage (aid and cheap arms) or oil revenues, provided resources for authoritarian state building. Rent in the first instance was crucial to the construction of modern state structures and to the servicing of the clientele networks by which they coopted opposition and mass constituencies.

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