Ethan Scheiner's Democracy without Competition in Japan: Opposition Failure PDF

By Ethan Scheiner

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ISBN-13: 9780511335020

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Regardless of its democratic constitution, Japan's govt has been ruled via a unmarried celebration, the Liberal Democratic celebration (LDP) considering the fact that 1955. This booklet bargains a proof for why, even within the face of significant dissatisfaction with the LDP, no competition social gathering has been in a position to provide itself as a reputable challenger in Japan. figuring out such failure is necessary for plenty of purposes, from its influence on eastern fiscal coverage to its implications for what allows democratic responsiveness extra generally. The critical motives for competition failure in Japan specialise in the country's tradition and electoral procedure.

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Although perhaps less obvious, local party success also ought to be shaped by the extent to which parties are dependent – in particular, financially dependent – on discretionary choices of the central government. 12 This is likely to be the case even in federal systems – where subnational units are given substantial decision making autonomy of their own – if localities rely heavily upon the central government for their own financing. In contrast, where localities exhibit substantial financial autonomy, voters and candidates may be more 12 Where all transfers from the central government are automatic, connections to the central government will be less important, and there is less need for local politicians and voters to be concerned with party affiliation to gain central funding.

Some new parties, such as most of the world’s socialist parties, grow out of what Shefter (1994) calls “external mobilization,” a process in which societal groups create parties in order to gain a voice (usually over an issue or linked set of issues) in government. )18 Externally mobilized new parties 17 18 However, the party did little after Perot’s popularity declined. Similar to Shefter’s distinction is Duverger’s discussion of party origins that distinguishes between parties that emerge from “extra-parliamentary” origins and those growing out of coordination within the national parliament (1954: xxiv–xxxv).

Insofar as support for the ruling regime is tied in large part to the level of dependence on clientelist practices, the result is likely to be what I call “parallel party systems”: one system in heavily clientelism-dependent regions that strongly supports the ruling regime16 and one system in other regions where party competition is much greater. When faced with a context that includes two parallel party systems of this kind, by what mechanism will anti-clientelist appeals be successful? Parties that push anti-clientelism appeals must channel votes from people who seek the demise of the clientelist state into a substantial number of seats.

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