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By B. Herzogenrath

ISBN-10: 0230527442

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This quantity provides the 1st book-length examine dedicated to the dialogue and relevance of the thought of 'ecology' in the frame-work and 'ontology' of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Fel?x Guattari from a variety of positions inside of Cultural reports and Sciences.

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These components may be constrained, Ecology and Realist Ontology 33 for example, to seek a point of minimal free energy, like a soap bubble, which acquires its spherical form by minimizing surface tension, or a common salt crystal, which adopts the form of a cube by minimizing bonding energy. One way of describing the situation would be to say that a topological form (a universal-singular point) guides a process which results in many different physical forms, including spheres and cubes, each one with different geometric properties.

On the one hand, to the formed or formable matter we must add an entire energetic materiality in movement, carrying singularities . that are already like implicit forms that are topological, rather than geometrical, and that combine with processes of deformation: for example, the variable undulations and torsions of the fibers guiding the operations of splitting wood. On the other hand, to the essential properties of matter deriving from the formal essence we must add variable intensive affects, now resulting from the .

Similarly, all the resources needed to define immanent process-structures come from mathematics: topology, group theory, dynamical systems theory. " If the point of a realist ontology was foundational this would indeed constitute a vicious circle. But one does not have to believe in rock-solid foundations at all. One may alternatively view the role of the philosopher as allowing the bootstrapping of an ontology. The term comes from computer science where it refers to the way the vicious circle between hardware and software is broken.

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