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By Gurutz Jáuregui Bereciartu

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Therefore, the author has updated the present text to accommodate those developments. It may be noted, however, that the changes since the 1986 edition are more cosmetic than fundamental. The original, published in Spanish, relies heavily on Spanish-language translations of classic works. Wherever the text employs a direct quotation I have endeavored to supply it from an existing English translation rather than forcing it through the double filter of, say, German to Spanish to English. I have accordingly substituted the English-language reference for the Spanish source in the bibliography.

In his opinion: They assailed alternately all the institutions which the Revolution abolished; not one of them found favor in their eyes. 9 As a consequence, one has to insist that the Old Regime continued to sustain some traditional economic structures based on the predominance of agriculture, a slow and costly means of transportation, the preeminence of land as the basic source of income, modest family enterprises, the non-existence of a proletariat, and so onin short, an economic structure still Page 6 considerably remote from that of modern industrial societies.

This inadequacy has been patently apparent throughout the last three decades, particularly in Europe. Despite this situation, there is clear resistance on the part of the classic political structures and institutions to any suggestion of change or modification. The modest achievements to date in this regard are more the consequence of the strength and the inertia of the state of affairs than the fruit of the will and conviction of those in power. This observation is confirmed by contemplating the process of European unification.

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