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This booklet units out to provide an explanation for the main foundational point of overseas legislations in diplomacy phrases. through doing so it is going instantly to the principal challenge of foreign law--that even though legally talking all States are equivalent, socially talking they sincerely usually are not. As such it really is an formidable and debatable booklet that may be of curiosity to all diplomacy students and scholars and practitioners of foreign legislation.

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20 For Hohfeld, a legal power was the ability of one actor to rely on existing law to change or use a legal relationship with another actor to his own benefit. Although a legal power of this kind was held by an individual actor or group of actors, by implication it was based upon another kind of power, that of obligation residing in rules. Weber, despite placing an emphasis on ‘commands’ and ‘office’, used the concept of ‘legitimacy’ in a manner which underlined the special character of rules and the processes by which they are created.

7 Even those early realists who dealt with international law were sceptical of its efficacy. Morgenthau explained that the decentralised character of international law left its definition and enforcement, and thus the entire 3 4 5 6 7 Morgenthau (1954) 8. Morgenthau and Schwarzenberger’s German origins are relevant in this context because the development of the discipline of international relations in the middle of the twentieth century was not the first time that such an idealist/realist split had occurred.

See Hoffmann (1968a); and Kaplan and Katzenbach (1961). See Hoffmann (1968b); and Kaplan and Katzenbach (1961) 350. 24 An interdisciplinary perspective remained entirely dependent upon the evolving power relationships among States. Structural realism, largely associated with the work of Waltz and sometimes referred to as ‘neo-realism’, also sought to explain international relations in a systemic manner. However, it was considerably less favourable towards international law. Structural realists considered systems theory to be unsatisfactory because it involved the regulation of actors through systems which those actors had themselves created.

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