A. Ward Gardner's Current Approaches to Occupational Health. Volume 3 PDF

By A. Ward Gardner

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ISBN-13: 9780723607397

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Field G B . Pulmonary function in aluminium smelters. Thorax 1984; 39:743-51. 5. Harber Ρ and Rappaport S. Clinical decision analysis in occupational medicine: Choosing the optimal F E V criterion for diagnosing occupational asthma. J. Occup. Med. 1985; 17,9:651-8. 6. Cockcroft A , Edwards J and McCarthy P. The role of pre-employment allergy screening in animal workers. Eur. J. Respir. Dis. ) 113, 1985; 62:42-44. 7. Slovak A J M and Hill R N . : and a comparison of different concepts of atopy. Submitted to Br.

T h u s working class British men in certain areas are reluctant to admit to wheezing because it has mental associations with sexual inadequacy. They are, however, quite happy to describe 'a tight cough'. Similarly, some w o m e n are not keen to admit to wheezing because they consider it a vulgar descriptive term. For those carrying out studies of occupational asthma in regions whose verbal sensitivities they are unfamiliar with, a pilot study of history taking or questionnaire validity is a p r u d e n t precaution.

1977; 60:233. 3. MONITORING FOR NEW OCCUPATIONAL RISKS OF CANCER D. Coggon INTRODUCTION Cancer is o n e of the most serious health hazards which can arise from a working environment. Exactly how many cancers are caused by occupation is not known. A controversial report submitted to the U S Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( O S H A ) in 1978 predicted that over the next few decades m o r e than 20 per cent of 1 cancer deaths in the United States would be occupational in origin. H o w e v e r , the logic underlying this estimate has since been widely criticized, and Doll and Peto have suggested that a figure in the range 2 of 2-8 per cent is m o r e r e a s o n a b l e .

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