Cryptographic Algorithms on Reconfigurable Hardware by Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez, N.A. Saqib, Arturo Díaz PDF

By Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez, N.A. Saqib, Arturo Díaz Pérez, Cetin Kaya Koc

ISBN-10: 0387338837

ISBN-13: 9780387338835

ISBN-10: 0387366822

ISBN-13: 9780387366821

Software-based cryptography can be utilized for safety purposes the place info site visitors isn't too huge and occasional encryption fee is tolerable. yet tools are more advantageous the place velocity and real-time encryption are wanted. in the past, there was no ebook explaining how cryptographic algorithms may be carried out on reconfigurable units. This ebook covers computational equipment, desktop mathematics algorithms, and layout development innovations had to enforce effective cryptographic algorithms in FPGA reconfigurable structures. the writer emphasizes the sensible points of reconfigurable layout, explaining the fundamental arithmetic concerned, and giving a finished description of state of the art implementation techniques.

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In 1994 Peter Shor [65] released a factoring set of rules for a quantum laptop that unearths the leading elements of a composite integer N extra successfully than is feasible with the recognized algorithms for a classical com­ puter. because the hassle of the factoring challenge is essential for the se­ curity of a public key encryption procedure, curiosity (and investment) in quan­ tum computing and quantum computation unexpectedly blossomed.

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DES performs 16 iterations or rounds and AES support 10, 12, and 14 rounds depending on the word length. In software, all iterations are performed sequentially while in hardware, all rounds can be implemented in parallel, thus ensuing significant improvements in timings. 10 Design Alternatives for Implementing Cryptographic Algorithms The implementation approaches for cryptographic algorithms are based on the question: what needs to be secured? High-speed network where large amount of data traffic must be processed in unpredictable and in real time are not supposed to be a good candidate for software implementations as data is coming at significant high speeds and must be treated in real time.

In the following, we will describe the basic Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol followed by its elliptic curve version. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol Difhe-Hellman key exchange was invented in 1976 by Whitfield Difhe, Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle. It was the first practical method for establishing a shared secret over an unprotected communication channel. Let us suppose that A and B have already agreed on working with a group G (for example, let us say the group of integers modulo p) and a generator element g in G.

1. We define Cryptography as the discipline that studies the mathematical techniques related to Information security such as providing the security services of confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and nonrepudiation. In the wide sense, cryptography addresses any situation in which one wishes to limit the effects of dishonest users [110]. Security services, which include confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication [228], are defined below. 2 Secret Key Cryptography • • • • 9 Confidentiality: It guarantees that the sensitive information can only be accessed by those users/entities authorized to unveil it.

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Cryptographic Algorithms on Reconfigurable Hardware by Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez, N.A. Saqib, Arturo Díaz Pérez, Cetin Kaya Koc

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