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For projects not using the Maven repository system, the ShrinkWrap Distribution makes all modules available as a download, and you can set up the dependencies man‐ ually to suit your needs.

Xml, which contains an encrypted master password for password-protected Maven repositories. offline Flag there to work in offline mode. local Path to local repository with cached artifacts. xml files. Experimental Features The following features are in their early development stages. How‐ ever, they should work for the most common use cases. Feel free to report a bug in the SHRINKRES project if you encounter problems. info | 35 ShrinkWrap Resolvers Maven plug-in The ShrinkWrap Resolvers Maven plug-in allows you to propagate settings specified on the command line into test execution.

The specifications that comprise the Java EE Platform inten‐ tionally leave room for vendors to implement features like server startup and deploy‐ ment at their discretion. ) In the interest of providing a uniformly workable solution to the reader, this text will routinely opt for vendor-specific approaches in favor of generic guidelines. By the end of this chapter, you should be comfortable creating a new Java EE web application and pushing it live to production using a few tools and services offered by the JBoss Community.

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Continuous Enterprise Development in Java: Testable Solutions with Arquillian by Andrew Lee Rubinger

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