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By Alan Hunter, Jay Sexton

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Modern China is a full of life account of China this present day which specializes in the past due Nineties. The Maoist period and the early Nineteen Eighties have been definitely formative, yet China now faces a number of new concerns like unemployment, crime, and environmental pollutants that call for

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The incident marked the opening of war in the Pacific that lasted until 1945. In 1941 the USA became a combatant after Japan attacked its fleet at Pearl Harbor. Between 1941 and 1945, China was a theatre of war in the greater context of the Second World War. The Allies provided material assistance to the Chinese government, and effectively ended the war by nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The fact that many Japanese army units were tied down in China was an important element in the Allied war effort in Asia.

16 July - the USSR withdraws all technical advisors from China. 20 October - outbreak of border war between the PRC and India. 20 May - Socialist Education Movement launched to combat rural corruption. 16 May - Politburo sets up the Cultural Revolution Group. On 5 August Mao attacks Party rivals in a wall-poster entitled 'Bombard the Headquarters'. 2 March - PRC and Soviet forces clash at the Ussuri river. 13 September, Mao's deputy, Lin Biao, is killed in an air crash in Mongolia after an unsuccessful coup attempt.

The Cold War forced China to 'lean to one side' and declare for the socialist camp. When fighting broke out between US and Soviet proxies in neighbouring Korea, the Chinese found themselves faced with hostile UN forces led by the USA approaching the industrial area of Manchuria. When the UN ignored warnings not to continue their advance, PRC 'volunteers' entered Korea and drove them back to the 38th Parallel, where the war ended in stalemate. Despite heavy casualties, the success of the armed forces was a source of some pride domestically.

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