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Conformal invariants (conformally invariant tensors, conformally covariant differential operators, conformal holonomy teams etc.) are of relevant importance in differential geometry and physics. recognized examples of such operators are the Yamabe-, the Paneitz-, the Dirac- and the twistor operator. the purpose of the seminar was once to provide the fundamental rules and a few of the hot advancements round Q-curvature and conformal holonomy. The half on Q-curvature discusses its foundation, its relevance in geometry, spectral concept and physics. the following the impression of rules that have their beginning within the AdS/CFT-correspondence turns into obvious. The half on conformal holonomy describes contemporary class effects, its relation to Einstein metrics and to conformal Killing spinors, and comparable precise geometries.

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Of Q-curvatures. In the following, we shall be interested mostly in manifolds of even dimension. The critical GJMS-operators and the critical Q-curvatures play a distinguished role. In fact, similarly as for n = 2 and n = 4, the critical GJMS-operators govern the conformal transformation laws of the critical Q-curvatures. 1. 2 (The fundamental identity). On Riemannian manifolds (M, g) of even dimension n, n enϕ Qn(e2ϕ g) = Qn (g) + (−1) 2 Pn (g)(ϕ). 7) Proof. 2) to the function n u = e( 2 −N )ϕ .

One of the main features of these metrics on X is that, near the boundary M , they are determined by their conformal infinities (at least to some extent). For more details concerning the following discussion we refer to [FG07]. 2. A Poincar´e-Einstein metric, or just Poincar´e metric, for (M, c) is a conformally compact metric g+ on X so that 1. g+ has conformal infinity c. 2. For odd n, Ric(g+ ) + ng+ vanishes to infinite order along M . 3. 30) trh (i∗ (ρ−(n−2) (Ric(g+ ) + ng+ ))) = 0, h ∈ c. 31) Note that the hyperbolic metric on Bn+1 is a Poincar´e-Einstein metric with conformal infinity given by the conformal class of the round metric.

1. , ρ > 0 on X, ρ = 0 on M defining function ρ ∈ C ∞ (X) and dρ = 0 on M , so that ρ2 g extends to a smooth metric up to the boundary. 1, the metrics g¯ = ρ2 g are called conformal compactifications of g. Any conformal compactification induces a metric on M by i∗ (ρ2 g), ¯ A change of the defining function yields a metric in the same where i : M → X. conformal class on the boundary. The conformal class c = [i∗ (ρ2 g)] is called the conformal infinity of g. The function |dρ|2g¯ on M does not depend on the choice of ρ.

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