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It is a ordinary that whereas Asia is nondualistic, the West, as a result of its uncritical reliance on Greek-derived highbrow criteria, is dualistic. Dualism is a deep-seated behavior of considering and appearing in all spheres of existence during the prism of binary opposites ends up in paralyzing useful and theoretical problems. Asia delivers no counsel for the foreseeable destiny as the West reveals Asian nondualism, in particular that of Mahayana Buddhism, too alien and nihilistic. nevertheless, postmodern proposal, which purports to carry us from the dualisms embedded in modernity, seems to be simply a pseudo-postmodernism. This book's novel proposal is that the West already includes inside of one in all its extra marginalized roots, that of historic Hebrew tradition, a pre-philosophical kind of nondualism which makes attainable a brand new type of nondualism, one to which the West can subscribe. This new nondualism, encouraged by way of Buddhism yet no longer similar to it, is an epistemological, ontological, metaphysical, and praxical heart manner either for the West and in addition among East and West.

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Finally, in affirming nonduality, I also intend to issue a warning and a reminder that binary distinctions and oppositions can all too readily harden into full-blown dualisms. Such a warning is meant to forestall that outcome. Now that dualism has been observed, defined, and applied, perhaps the next question is this: How can it be avoided? More particularly, how can the West avoid it? Surely the West can no more cease speaking, thinking, and acting than can Asia, and the West is unlikely to convert to Buddhism.

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