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32 3 C O M P A R A T I V E B I O C H E M I S T R Y OF C A R B O H Y D R A T E S 1 IN N E M A T O D E S A N D CESTODES Howard J . A. A l l parasitic helminths examined t o date are d i f f e r e n t biochemically f r o m the tissues of t h e i r mammalian hosts. These differences are most readily demonstrable in their carbohydrate or energy metabolisms. This becomes more apparent w h e n it is realized t h a t in spite of the fact t h a t all helminths examined are capable of assimilating oxygen under appropriate conditions, none o f t h e m are capable of the complete o x i d a t i o n o f substrates t o carbon d i o x i d e and water.

B U E D I N G , E. , J. Biol. Chem. 196, 615 (1952). 19. K A T S U M E , T . , A c t a Medica Univ. Kagoshima, 4, 56 (1962). 20. C H A N C E , B. , Science, 142, 1176 (1963). 2 1 . , in Chemical Z o o l o g y , V o l . I l l , p. 329 (ed. F l o r k i n , M. ). Y. 1969. 22. B U E D I N G , E. and S A Z , H J . , Comp. Biochem. , 2 4 , 511 (1968). 41 HOWARD J. SAZ SAZ, H J . , Comp. Biochem. , 2 2 , 15 (1967). S A Z , H J . , Comp. Biochem. , 3 0 , 49 (1969). S A Z , H J . , J. Biol. , 225, 921 (1957).

S. Public Health Service) and The Rockefeller 25 Foundation. Institutes o f ERNEST BUEDING schistosomes are rather refractory t o inhibitors of g r o w t h and multiplicat i o n , but t h e y have proved vulnerable t o interference w i t h reactions providing for the generation of metabolic energy or w i t h mechanisms concerned w i t h muscular activity and c o o r d i n a t i o n . Trivalent organic antimonials, the oldest group of c o m p o u n d s used as chemotherapeutic agents in schistosomiasis, have a selective action on one enzyme of the parasite.

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