Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Prima Official Game Guide - download pdf or read online

By Stephen Stratton

ISBN-10: 0761560300

ISBN-13: 9780761560302

•In-depth faction stats and outlines exhibit wellbeing and fitness, assaults, harm, and shielding values for all devices and buildings, with info on unit distinct abilities•Comprehensive keep watch over scheme research teaches the basics of commanding forces with velocity and mastery on either laptop and Xbox 360•Step-by-step walkthroughs for all 27 crusade missions, entire with categorized battlefield maps for every stage•Dedicated multiplayer part presents introductory innovations for C&C novices and complex faction-specific strategies for veterans•Quick-reference appendix tables for quick cross-faction unit and constitution comparisons•Covers either laptop and Xbox 360 types of crimson Alert three

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Her Timebelt ability can quickly pull her out of a pinch, but what sort of commando would flee from her foes? If only it could snap her forward through time as well.... Attack Dog Function: Anti-infantry scout Health: 30 Cost: 200 Build Time: 2 seconds Prerequisites: Boot Camp Movement Speed: 100 (75 in water) Spies are next to invulnerable while disguised—until enemy scout units detect them. Beware of the following units; each one can sniff out a disguised spy (using the Bribe ability breaks a spy’s disguise as well): • Soviet war bears Vision Range: 200 Shroud Clear: 750 Crusher Level: N/A Crushable Level: 10 Special Ability: Amplified Bark (60-second cooldown) Unit Overview • Allied attack dogs • Imperial burst drones • Strong against infantry • Cannot attack aircraft Auto-Cannon Sniper 150% Cannon Prism 10% 100% 100% • Can stun nearby infantry for 10 seconds with Amplified Bark ability, making them easy prey Rocket Flak 10% 10% Tesla Explosive Concussive Radiation 1,000% 50% N/A 100% Engineer Function: Field support Health: 50 Cost: 500 Build Time: 10 seconds Prerequisites: Boot camp Movement Speed: 40 Vision Range: 100 Shroud Clear: 100 Crusher Level: N/A Crushable Level: 10 Special Ability: First-Aid Tent Unit Overview • Unarmed and defenseless • Can capture hostile and neutral structures for a variety of benefits • Can capture friendly structures to instantly repair • Can unpack a makeshift first-aid tent that heals 10 percent health per second to nearby friendly infantry • After unpacking first-aid tent, engineer becomes immobile and immune to Amplified Bark/Roar and Bribe abilities, and takes only 20 percent damage • Immune to suppression • Detects disguised units, causing them to lose their disguise Melee 100% Defense Stats Gun 150% Auto-Cannon Sniper 150% Cannon Prism 20% 100% 100% Melee Rocket Flak 100% 20% 10% Tesla Explosive Concussive Radiation 1,000% 100% N/A 39 Protected by copyright.

However, the Allies’ structures are actually linked to their construction yards and outposts, receiving technological boons as Heightened and Max Clearance upgrades are purchased. Only through researching these upgrades can the Allies gain access to their most advanced units. Perhaps the Allies’ single greatest advantage in terms of structure production is the speed in which they can throw down an air base. Allied commanders need only build a power plant in order to make their air bases available for production; they don’t even have to build an ore refinery first.

In fact, though produced at the seaport, the assault destroyer serves as the Allies’ heaviest land vehicle, sporting thick armor and doling out punishment to all surface threats. Like Athena cannons, assault destroyers can assist their fellow combatants by activating their Black Hole Armor, a special ability that bolsters the destroyer’s defense while simultaneously drawing all incoming hostile fire. Last but far from least, hydrofoils are the bane of everything that flies over Allied waters. Though unable to fire on nautical threats, the hydrofoil has busy auto-cannons that can cut through all airborne targets with frightening speed.

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