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The standard enthalpy change for a reaction, AH°, is defined as the change in enthalpy referring to the masses (in moles) of the reactants and products shown in the *Δ is the symbol used to refer generally to the incremental difference between two states, in this anc e n ce &H is the change in enthalpy. 1 Heat energy profiles for: (a) an exothermic reaction; (b) an endothermic reaction equation for the reaction at 101 325 Pa* (1 atm) and at a stated temperature, Τ (given as a subscript) with the substances in the physical states normal under these conditions.

Heat is given out during the reaction (at constant pressure). While for an endothermic reaction, as H2 > Hx then AH is positive and heat is absorbed during the reaction (at constant pressure). Fig. 1 gives typical heat energy profiles for exothermic and endothermic reactions. 1). As stated earlier the enthalpy change, AH, for a reaction is constant for a given reaction under specified conditions AH is dependent upon: (a) temperature; ( b ) pressure; (c) physical states of reactants and products; (d) amounts of substances reacting.

The melting points and boiling points of these metals are generally high and are related to the enthalpies of atomisation as illustrated for the first transition series in Fig. 18. 18 Relationship between enthalpies of atomisation ( - ) and boiling points ( — ) for the elements K-Zn in increased nuclear charge which pulls in the electrons. Increasing nuclear charge also makes it more difficult to remove electrons resulting in increased ionisation energies across a series causing a decreasing basic character.

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