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By Peter Prinz

ISBN-10: 1491904755

ISBN-13: 9781491904756

The new version of this vintage O’Reilly reference offers transparent, special motives of each characteristic within the c programming language and runtime library, together with multithreading, type-generic macros, and library services which are new within the 2011 C average (C11). that allows you to comprehend the consequences of an surprising functionality, and the way the normal library calls for it to act, you’ll locate it right here, in addition to a regular example.

Ideal for knowledgeable C and C++ programmers, this ebook additionally comprises well known instruments within the GNU software program assortment. You’ll how one can construct C courses with GNU Make, assemble executable courses from C resource code, and try out and debug your courses with the GNU debugger.

In 3 sections, this authoritative publication covers:

  • C language recommendations and language elements, with separate chapters on varieties, statements, guidelines, reminiscence administration, I/O, and more
  • The C typical library, together with an outline of normal headers and an in depth functionality reference
  • Basic C programming tools within the GNU software program assortment, with directions on how use them with the Eclipse IDE

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See “Universal Character Names” on page 12 for more information. Table 3-5. Examples of octal and hexadecimal escape sequences Octal Hexadecimal Description '\0' '\x0' The null character '\033' '\33' '\x1B' The control character ESC (“escape”) '\376' '\xfe' The character with the decimal code 254 '\417' '\x10f' Illegal, as the numeric value is beyond the range of the type unsigned char L'\417' L'\x10f' That’s better! It’s now a wide-character constant; the type is wchar_t - L'\xF82' Another wide-character constant - U'\x222B' A wide-character constant with the type char32_t There is no equivalent octal notation for the last two constants in the table because octal escape sequences cannot have more than three octal digits.

Table 2-3. Binary representations of signed and unsigned 16-bit integers Binary Decimal value as unsigned int Decimal value as signed int, Decimal value as signed int, one’s complement two’s complement 00000000 00000000 0 0 0 00000000 00000001 1 1 1 00000000 00000010 2 2 2 … 26 | Chapter 2: Types Binary Decimal value as unsigned int Decimal value as signed int, Decimal value as signed int, one’s complement two’s complement 01111111 11111111 32,767 32,767 32,767 10000000 00000000 32,768 -32,767 -32,768 10000000 00000001 32,769 -32,766 -32,767 11111111 11111110 65,534 -1 -2 11111111 11111111 65,535 -0 -1 Types … Table 2-4 lists the sizes and value ranges of the standard integer types.

These types are typedef names—that is, synonyms for standard integer types (see “typedef Declarations” on page 185). h also defines macros that supply the maximum and minimum representable values of all the integer types defined in the standard library. For example, SIZE_MAX equals the largest value you can store in a variable of the type size_t. For all details on the types listed here, and the corresponding mac‐ ros, see Chapter 16. Integer types with exact width (C99) The width of an integer type is defined as the number of bits used to represent a value, including the sign bit.

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