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By Israel A. Goldberg

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''Biology of Methylotrophs'' is a finished replace and assessment of a number of the facets of development and use of compounds without carbon to carbon bonds. curiosity in methylotrophs has grown due to the fact their discovery due partly to the capability functions of those particular micro-organisms in undefined. This e-book is a evaluation of the various facets of methylotrophy, together with taxonomy, ultrastructure, body structure, biochemistry, genetics and ecology. The e-book collects the newest findings via international specialists of their respective fields. it's the first ebook with a mixture of the fundamental findings and their functions

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Ferment. Technol. 52, 201-209. CHAPTER 3 Ultrastructure of Methylotrophic Microorganisms Thomas E. Jensen William A. Corpe Methylotrophic microorganisms are characterized by their ability to derive both energy and carbon from Q compounds more reduced than C0 2 . It is perhaps remarkable that these properties are shared by such a broad array of species including yeasts and filamentous fungi on one hand and Grampositive and Gram-negative bacteria on the other. A thorough study of the methylotrophs as a group using electron microscopy has not been done; however, even the fragmentary information available on the ultrastructure of various methylotrophs emphasizes that there is little variation from the "basic plan" of organization for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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