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By Michel Demazure

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Based on a lecture direction on the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), this article provides a rigorous creation to some of the key rules in nonlinear research, dynamical platforms and bifurcation conception together with disaster thought. anywhere acceptable it emphasizes a geometric or coordinate-free process which permits a transparent specialize in the basic mathematical buildings. Taking a unified view, it brings out gains universal to assorted branches of the topic whereas giving plentiful references for extra complicated or technical developments.

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The indueed ---. TW and it is called ealled the induced map is denoted by Tg : TV -+ tangent map of g. 1. First, a little linear algebra. Let E be a finite-dimensional vector space, T' two vector subspaces of E. Recall that l' T + 1" T' denotes the with T l' and 1" subspace formed by the sums x + x' where x runs through T l' and x' runs through T', 1", and we have the relation dim(T + 1") T') + dim(1' dim(T n 1") T') = = dim(T) + dim(T'), dim(T' ), which can equally weIl well be written as codim(T + 1") T') + codim(T n 1") T') = codim(T) + codim(T') codim(T' ) (this follows from the usual relation between the dimensions of the kernel .

Equivalently, to say that V is a submanifold of E at a means that there 19 f from U onto exists an open set U of E containing a and a diffeomorphism 19 an open set in Rn = j(UnV) j(U)n({O} = Rm xX R dd such that f(U n V) = f(U) n ({O} Xx R dd ). Thus a submanifold of co codimension dimension m in E is simply a subset of E which becomes 19To avoid unnecessary complications we shall in general assume that the maps we consider have maximal regularity. Thus in future we shall say "diffeomorphism" oo setting to mean "diffeomorphism of dass COO".

Respeetively. The d¢i d4Ji(a) (a) are independent equations for T Taa V and the d1/Jj(a) are independent equations for T Taa V' ; the transversality hypothesis d4Ji(a) and te d1/Jj(a) are independent. Consequently means precisely that the d¢i(a) 4Jl, ... , ¢d, 4Jd, 1/Jl, ... ,1/Jd' form a non-degenerate system of local loeal equations for ¢l, V n V' at a. 7. If V and V' meet transversely at a then Ta(V n V') = = TaaV n T TaaV' and codima(V eodima(V n V') = = codima V + codim eodimaV'. T 0 Using the vocabulary of transversality, the notion of submanifold can be characterized by the following three properties: a) b) c) the fact that V is a submanifold is verified 'locally' on V, a level hypersurface is a submanifold at every non-critical point, a transverse intersection of submanifolds is a submanifold.

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