Beyond the Conscious Mind: Unlocking the Secrets of the Self by Thomas Blakeslee PDF

By Thomas Blakeslee

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A brand new knowing of cognizance that lets you higher comprehend your individual and others habit. Your brain is a self-organized group of specialised self reliant modules that every take keep an eye on of your habit based upon context. this sort of modules, the "self-module," is the verbal interpreter of all your habit. although this self-module purely controls habit while you are utilizing strength of mind. Introspection is therefore often not anything greater than self-serving explanation. utilizing experimental proof Blakeslee truly demonstrates the various psychological illusions created by way of this wrong figuring out of self and permits you to advance a brand new, extra exact, self-concept.

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The cognitive revolution, which is now the dominant force in psychology, takes the more enlightened view-accepting the importance of conscious thought processes but remaining cautious about the accuracy of introspection. Our new understanding of the mind as a collection of specialized modules of thought neatly explains why introspection is sometimes so unreliable: One module naturally becomes the introspection specialist, so introspection is accurate only within that module. All other introspection is imaginative fabrication and therefore unreliable.

Your brain takes this jittery image with a hole in it, sharp only in the middle, and with no peripheral color and uses it to imagine the consistently clear, steady, full-color picture you have come to expect. Obviously, we must be very cautious about accepting anything we perceive at face value because the brain is so good at fabricating to satisfy our expectations. Most magic tricks depend on the fact that what we see is largely imagined. The magician uses misdirection to distract your detailed vision to something else while he actually performs the trickery in the fuzzy area that you only imagine you see clearly.

CHAPTER THREE Time and Consciousness illusions conunend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces. Sigmund Freud When we hear a church bell ring and look at the steeple, we feel a very real consciousness of its being there-across the street. Yet the mental picture we have is really almost pure imagination: The vibration of our eardrums inside our head is interpreted, not as something happening inside our head, but rather as a sound across the street.

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