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Faraway from sweeping the globe uniformly, the 'third wave of democratization' left burgeoning republics and resilient dictatorships in its wake. utilising greater than a 12 months of unique fieldwork in Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Jason Brownlee indicates that the combined checklist of modern democratization is better deciphered via a ancient and institutional method of authoritarian rule. Exposing the inner corporations that constitution elite clash, Brownlee demonstrates why the severe soft-liners wanted for democratic transitions were dormant in Egypt and Malaysia yet outspoken in Iran and the Philippines. by means of developing how ruling events originated and why they hamper switch, Brownlee illuminates the matter of latest authoritarianism and informs the advertising of sturdy democracy.

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Jubilant masses flood the streets, statues fall, and parliaments reawaken with new faces. At that moment, the “inhuman” forces of social structure and political organization appear peripheral to the action at best. Yet, in another sense, the victory of dissidents and activists 0:22 P1: KNP 0521869515c01 CUNY736/Brownlee 18 0 521 86951 X May 8, 2007 Authoritarianism in an Age of Democratization is but the final act of a longer drama. 1 If a scholar divorces such an episode from its antecedents, he will be unable to explain why a regime fell and why similar regimes elsewhere did not.

8). In the cases examined here, it is not simply human “energy” or choices but the contested conclusion of competing choices that sets the two pairs of regimes on widely divergent courses. 0:22 P1: KNP 0521869515c01 CUNY736/Brownlee 0 521 86951 X The Political Origins of Durable Authoritarianism May 8, 2007 25 are most determinative in distinguishing broadly between durable and vulnerable regimes. A Brand New Authoritarianism? Although the initial literature on transitions from authoritarianism may have overestimated the role of human agency in the downfall of dictatorships, subsequent works – including some by the Transitions project’s original leaders – explicitly blended structure and agency (Schmitter and Karl 1991; Haggard and Kaufman 1992; Linz and Stepan 1996; Collier 1999; Kitschelt 1999).

Keeping the imagery of plate tectonics in mind, it is easy to reconcile the rivalrous research programs of transitions scholars and their forerunners. Structural theories capture the variation between broad and generally long-lasting regime categories – between durable democracies, durable dictatorships, and unstable regimes. ’s Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, for example, accounted for the emergence of durable dictatorships, such as those of Russia and China, and durable democracies, such as those of the United States and United Kingdom (Moore 1966).

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