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By Wheeler M. Thackston

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A millennium of classical Persian poetry: a consultant to the interpreting & figuring out of Persian poetry from the 10th to the 20th century

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Classical Persian had no quotation marks, of oourse--or any other marks of punctuation. r 4ncha'sh. , dncM-ash.. ,l. loll. ".. )~ ~ T. "J. rS JI". ;. , ,.. JY. A- ) ....... ".. uT ,... · . • •. ~ ~ Jt ~J;' IJ' J Jit ~ ~Jl L. J. :-1 ......... ;,> •J! r ~ J"" Yo' J"L. r-l .... - -;:u! :. loll ".. ;.. l.! rs. , .? ,1 J! •' ~. ,1 "". :W. ). ~ <:.!. ",.... :. )~ ~. J} L. :. tr. ,.. 4 .... A-,. :... • IS'- d ~ .. T Ir. -'- w:- J vlj~ .... JI,. ) ,,~ v TJ! 1•. -l. r- •):... ; y jI r" .... ~ Vl) .... b VT jI ITypically heroes are described as so mighty and lofry [hac only the celestial spheres (ould gird their loins.

The first poem given here is a description of clouds . The sec· and is a description of the fiery nature and color of wine . J') t L:. r ' J. :. T;,,- J! -, If> • v:< '-'" J .... ,... r' -" J-I..... ~ I~ '94. l... ~ • v Ij ~..... s 10..... wI. J .. If>-" el.!. -~ el.!. r-. ~ ~ I For the meter, read bach'gdn . tThe prepositional phrase is ba gardun bar. JFor the meter, read bin'gar. 19 4< ~ VJJ! ,). 1.!. [,1' ... Y. J"" ~ Ij ........ ; ~. ,.... ~'. :. :. :. :. n- "" t. :It. 1:... l. y <5 -Ill. :.

Addlng to this the numerical value of the telt of the hemistIch, 365, the Cotalls 1166, the Christian date. oul," the line does not make overmuch sense, but it indicates that a Christian date is to be found embedded therein. "'I 32 A MILLENNIUM OF CLASSICAL PERSIAN POETRY exquisite lyrics to his beloved Layli. The two selections eiven here are from this book, the first describing Layli's deathbed, where she confesses her undying love for Majnun and commends her beloved to her mother. This selection shows NizAmf's characteristic development of an extended metaphor, usually drawn (rom nature, to introduce and aet the mood for the action or plot development that follow• .

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